"If you care about what really matters in life, read this fantastic natural history of human friendship."

—Nicholas A. Christakis, author of Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society


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About Lydia

I am a science journalist who investigates everything from Alzheimer’s to zebrafish. How do we think, learn, and connect? How do we stay healthy—mentally and physically? What’s really going on in the brains of toddlers and teenagers? And what can we learn about ourselves from the behavior of other animals?  I explore the cutting-edge science behind these kinds of questions in my books and articles. I am a contributing editor for Scientific American, write the Brain Waves blog for Psychology Today and have contributed to many other publications. My work is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

The Latest

Organizational psychologist and best-selling author Adam Grant named Friendship one of his 20 new leadership books for 2020! These books were his "top picks for books that have the potential to have a lasting impact on your thoughts and actions." Check out his full list here.

Watch and Listen

Onstage at TED NYC.

I talked about using IQ tests to fight lead poisoning on Radiolab. (My part starts around 27:40).

Praise for Lydia's Books

Toxic Truth . . . make[s] the process of scientific research riveting . . . The problem [of lead] has not been totally solved, but it has been shrunken and contained, and Denworth’s fascinating historical, biographical, scientific and political saga shows how we got even this far.”

—Sharon Begley, Newsweek

I Can Hear You Whisper is a triptych of reportage, popular science, and memoir. As reportage . . . it’s both timely and rigorous . . . As popular science, it’s enthralling . . . As a memoir it is tender and involving.”

The New York Review of Books

“The power of friendship—in many ways the most essential of our relationships—has long been underestimated. It's an absolute pleasure to see Lydia Denworth do it justice in this lovely, insightful, and important book.”

—Deborah Blum, Pulitzer-prize winning author of The Poison Squad (on Friendship)

Psychology Today Blog

Neuroscientists learn a little bit more about how we think, learn and connect all the time. In my Brain Waves blog for Psychology Today, I cover the latest developments, reporting on whatever new findings intrigue me most. SEE ALL POSTS. The latest post is "Resolution #1: Be A Good Friend."

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