I speak regularly about my work and appear frequently in national media.

I spoke at the 2018 TED Idea Search in New York City. Check it out here.



“Literally everyone connected with you as a speaker, with what you had to share, and the manner in which you communicated all that great information. The attendees sung your praises. You were a spectacular contributor to our day.” –Katie Aviv, AG Bell California

“Thank you for your superb talk.” –Dominic Bonfiglio, Einstein Forum, Germany

“I thoroughly enjoyed the way you meshed the scientific with the humanistic.” –Maribeth Lutz, Illinois State University

“The attendees thoroughly enjoyed [your presentation.] Some even remarked it was the best keynote the conference has had in years.” –Caitlin Nelms, University of Memphis, National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association

“The evaluations and comments show a very positive response to your topic. Participants not only welcomed but embraced [your ideas.]” –Clarke Schools Mainstream Services


Keynote or featured presentation audiences have included:

Einstein Forum, Potsdam, Germany
AG Bell Association
Clarke Schools
Illinois State University
The University of Memphis
CUNY Graduate Center
New York City Department of Education (Special Education)


Media appearances have included:

PBS The Open Mind (forthcoming)
KERA Think (NPR)
CBS This Morning
Radio Times (WHYY)
The Leonard Lopate Show
Wisconsin Public Radio (NPR)
Role Models Podcast


Topics include:

On Friendship:

  • The Science of Friendship: Why it matters for your career, your marriage and your health
  • Are your Friendships Feeding You? What science tells us about how to do friendship
  • In Praise of Sleepovers and Sitting with Your Friends: What Parents and Educators Need to Know about Friendship

On Deafness:

  • Language and Reading in the Brain
  • Parenting a Child with a Disability

On Resiliency

  • Recovery Technique: What matters most is what you do next (and your relationships)


For General Inquiries: