I am a contributing editor at Scientific American and write the Brain Waves blog for Psychology Today (you can find those posts here). My work has also appeared in The Atlantic, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Time, Vogue and many other publications. Earlier in my career, I was on staff at Newsweek, and People, among other places and I’ve included a few of my old favorites from those days.

Science Gave My Son the Gift of Sound

Cochlear implants have been controversial in Deaf culture – how would one change my son?

  On a cold January night, I was making dinner while my three boys played in and around the kitchen. I heard my husband Mark’s key in the lock. Jake and Matthew, my two older sons, tore down the long, narrow hall toward the door. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” they cried…

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The Importance of Connections

What a map of a mouse brain has to do with your kids

Last week, a team of researchers from the Allen Institute for Brain Science published the first comprehensive map showing how the 75 million neurons in the brain of a mouse are wired together. It was a major advance for neuroscience, but I felt the significance closer to home and immediately…

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Seeing is Believing

Why Role Models Matter

A few months ago, at the start of basketball season, my husband took my two youngest sons, Matthew and Alex, to see some college games at Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets, which is a few blocks from our home. We got the tickets at the last minute through…

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Thank Our Veterans By Helping Them Hear

The toll from a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan is high. Almost 7000 American service members lost their lives, with more than 50,000 listed as wounded in action.

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What Cochlear Implants Did For My Son

Researchers who were just awarded the “American Nobel” have opened up the world of sound to the deaf.

There was a time when almost no respectable scientist would have anything to do with cochlear implants. In the 1970s, pioneering researchers who thought they could create a device that allowed the deaf to hear and speak were shouted down at professional conferences. The National Institutes of Health refused funding…

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Clear the Air

It’s much more polluted than you may realize, and the potential impact on kids’ risk of asthma, cancer, and even autism is startling. Take steps now to protect your family’s health.

When Gretchen Alfonso, a 29-year-old mother of three, was growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania, fishing was part of the culture. The locals knew that the perch from Lake Erie was contaminated with toxic pollutants like mercury, but fish-fry dinners were a tradition no one wanted to give up. So on…

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